Welcome to EnjoyWine.sg

We’re all for enjoying #wine in sunny #Singapore, and we call it #SgWine!

It is one of life’s pleasures to taste, enjoy, and talk about wines. And, to do so with like-minded wine lovers adds another dimension of fun. Raymond started EnjoyWine.sg as a “passion project” to engage the wine loving public online, and to organise casual wine events to enjoy wine together.

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EnjoyWine.sg has 3 main functions:
– Facilitate discussion between wine lovers & producers online
– Organise themed wine events
– Partner with and bring together local wine distributors/retailers to increase their engagement with the wine public online

If you are a wine lover residing in Singapore, we invite you to join us online!

1) On Twitter, use the #SgWine hashtag when talking about or asking about wines, particularly if relating to the local wine scene in Singapore; and follow us on Twitter, for this is our foremost online presence!

2) Come to our FaceBook page, and post interesting articles or funny gags; or engage in discussion with other like-minded people there.

3) If you enjoy writing down notes on wines you’ve drunk, or comment on the local wine scene, we invite you to contribute to our blog; whether regular or ad-hoc, it’s your choice.

Whatever you do, join us! 🙂